Fillet steak beef meat. Isolated on white background

Buying beef from Orrin and Becca Schaeffer has spoiled us for ever buying beef through a grocery store again. Schaeffer beef is so much more flavorful and tender than what we have ever purchased elsewhere. We’ll definitely be a return customer.

Ron and Sue Mumm

Denver, Colorado

I’ve been eating Schaeffer Beef for many years now, and their beef, along with many other Rancher’s in the Sandhills of Nebraska, have the best beef I’ve had anywhere in the United States, even at the fancy restaurants. I attribute that quality to the fact that they don’t use hormones or antibiotics, and the fact that their cattle are raised roaming the Sandhills freely eating the grass, until they reach their large stature, and are ready for our family to enjoy at the dinner table.

Chase Lesher

cheyenne, wyoming

We decided to purchase a third of a beef with two other couples to try out NE beef. Wow this stuff is AWESOME. The hamburger is rich and barely has any fat at all. You can really taste the difference between it and a fast food burger, (which I can no longer eat).
The roasts are tender and very flavorful no matter how you cook them. Minute steaks (some people call them chopped steak) are tender enough to cut with a fork. Not one of the steaks was bad. Cooking T-bone on your own grill at home is a wonderful way to have a home cooked meal. We are rationing what we have left to make it thru til the new beef is ready and I cant wait for it. Just going to get more in burger this time as we probably use that the most. I highly recommend Schaeffer Beef or if not available find a NE rancher and get wholesome USA beef without going to the store.
With watering mouths,

Dave & Di

Thornton, Colorado